PikaShow APK v86 Download Free (Latest Version 2024)

The removal of the PikaShow App from the Google Play Store has resulted in the sudden vanish of the Original App’s Links from the market, leaving streamers at the mercy of Third-Party Developers. Eventually, most PikaShow APK Download File provision websites exploit users’ privacy by providing Fake and Malware Sources.

PikaShow APK

APK NamePikaShow APK
Updated Updated2 Hours Ago
Compatible with Compatible with Android 4.4 and up
Version Version v86
Size Size16.38 MB
MOD Features MOD FeaturesFREE
Category CategoryEntertainment
Developer DeveloperPikaShow Team
Price PriceFree

Hence, the core purpose of this Blog is to assist PikaShow Lovers by delivering 100% Authentic and Working Links to the PikaShow MOD. Of course, our developers have worked hard to make them compatible with Google Security Parameters, so you can enjoy Streams without worrying about your Information or Data Leakages.

Meanwhile, the written part aims to brief users about the benefits of downloading the PikaShow APK from us. Since we are offering a Custom-Built Edition of the PikaShow App, it certainly packs a range of features that are unavailable in the Official package, such as One-Click Downloading, OTT Platforms Integration, Additional Live TV Channels, and Subtitles Support.

Are you excited to begin a Voyage of PikaShow Movies Exposure with us? If yes! Let’s get started. But before kicking off, we would like to clarify that the Information below has come through Community Forums, Official News Websites, and Wikipedia Sources. So the occurrence of Errors is possible, and we always welcome Queries.  

It is fair to add that most streamers prefer downloading PikaShow App from websites such as PikaShow APKpure or HappyMod. For all such fellas, our website offers comparably better, latest, and secured links to those so-called websites.

Unfolding the PikaShow – An App Modernizing Streaming Patterns

We are in an Era where Technology and Digitization dominate every aspect of Human Life. If we specifically talk about Entertainment Niche, it didn’t work as in the past when TV Sets, Cinemas, and Theaters were the only Mediums to fascinate.

Nowadays, Internet-based Streaming Services and Applications are on the Roar, and they are the Future. Indeed, the sudden surge of Streamable Platforms gets full support from Streamers since they facilitate them in multiple ways.

Alongside bringing commendable utilities, the diverse variety of Streaming Options pushes Users into a situation where they need to pick the best one out of millions, which is Difficult. If taking our opinion, we would prefer Choosing Android Streaming Apps over all other counterparts.

Practically, the Streaming Apps market is also densely populated, and each developer tags its Product as Top-rated and Best Performer. But these are all promotion tricks since only a few Streaming ToolKits deliver according to users’ demands.

Among hundreds of highly-anticipated Streaming Apps, PikaShow painting set itself on the Top Rank, and its dominance is evident via Built-In Streaming Attributes. Before discussing PikaShow APK Attributes, we’d like to shed light on the long successful journey of this app.

PikShow – India’s No#1 Streaming App with 5 Million Active Users

The Official PikaShow App is a Streaming Masterpiece launched by anonymous Developers from India. Initially, the App aims to cover all Indian-Cultural related Media Niches, such as Indian Local TV channel streams, Sports, News, Dramas, etc.

Over time, PikaShow Latest Update went their countless upgrades that enhanced its streaming capabilities. As of 2024, PikaShow Movie Downloader provide

is HD Streams of Worldwide Entertainment Content, such as 1000+ Online TV Channels, OTT portal integrations, Global Sports Streams, and more.

Meanwhile, the Streaming Attributes of PikaShow were not the same as they look today, and their up-gradation story is not different from what we saw in its Content Diversity. Credit goes to frequent updates, making the app friendly with Modern Streaming Characteristics.

Exploring the slew of Streamable Features inside the PikaShow APK package, they are appreciable and directly contribute to Users’ Streaming Experience. In addition, Ease of Use and Simple Management Operations are other plus points of this App.

In short, each PikaShow Stream integrates with Video Quality Adjustment Options, Subtitles Support, Unlimited Downloading, multi-language guides, 24/7 Support, Extended Compatibility, and Cost cost-efficient services.

Streaming Attributes of PikaShow App – Digging the Details

Despite having Freenium Nature, PikaShow App doesn’t hesitate to bring along all those Streaming Features that only Paid Apps offer. And, of course, it is the core reason for its insane popularity among worldwide streamers.

Since this article aims to expose the PikaShow App from every possible aspect, we’d like to discuss its characteristics in detail, including its Nature of Usage and the Benefits of Streamers. So hold on tight to your seats and begin the tour.

Availability of Streams in Categorize Form

Unlike its Rivals, PikaShow aesthetically compiles its Services and Streaming Features in an Organized Form, which looks simple to read but hard enough to implement. Here is the list of Streaming Options available in the PikaShow MOD Version.

Collection of Movies – From Global Cinemas

PikaShow is your New Destination to Hook up with Filmy Universe since the app conquers a Library of Millions of Movies abstracted from diverse sources. From Old Classics to the Latest Ones from all Genres, name a Movie, and you’ll find it on PikaShow.

Live TV Channels
Live TV Channels

In the spotlight, you can access PikaShow, if you want to watch Newly-released or past movies from industries, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and Tollywood. Further, our team has also found hundreds of Classics from French, Chinese, Japanese, and other Cinemas.

Range of Add-On Streams – Documentaries/Web-Series

The Modern Streaming Community comprises a prime portion of streamers who like web series and Documentaries more than any other Entertainment Stuff. To meet the cravings of such people, PikaShow established a separate gallery.

Whether you want to watch a Documentary from History Channel, a web series from Indian Cinema, or a Season from Netflix, navigate to PikaShow Search Panel, write your desired query, and you’ll find authentic results in seconds.

Songs Gallery – Mixture of Old & Trending Music

To your surprise, PikaShow App packs a Massive Songs Gallery that is good enough to give tough time to rivals like YouTube and Spotify. In contrast to its competitors, PikaShow offers Songs Streams with Enhanced Audio Settings and without Ads or Charges.

The well-decorated Music Gallery of PikaShow consists of Podcasts, Songs, Qawalis, and other Traditional Audio Stuff from India. The Songs shelf is categorized according to their genres, such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, Old, Fast, Rap, etc.

Live TV Channels – Pack World’s Media in your Mobile

On practical grounds, only Premium or Over-the-Internet Streaming Services provide 1000+ Live TV Channels Live Streams from top-tier countries, such as USA, Canada, and UK. After saying this, PikaShow is the only app that, despite of free nature, crosses this milestone.

Live TV Channels (2)
Live TV Channels

The Online TV Channels List of PikaShow contains popular Channels from India, including Colors TV, Zee TV, Star Plus, and Star Maa, while also packing one-third of the total from International Fields, such as HBO MAX, Pirlo TV, BBC, and others.

Diverse Streaming Range of Entertainment – Multi-Cultural Programs

PikaShow is probably the only Streaming App that provides Diverse Forms of Media Stuff linking to Indian and foreign Cultures. In the spotlight, the App keeps promoting Indian Customs by streaming content from all regions, including Tamil, Punjabi, Karnataka, etc.

Coming to International Stuff belongs to scattered categories, including Fashion Shows, News, Business Programs, History Channels, and many more. Of course, there are no technical or geographical restrictions related to Streaming Choices.

Live Sports Streams – Feel the Heat of Passion

Watching Worldwide Sports Events Streams through your Local Cable or TV Network Services is impossible, and you can’t do much about it other than downloading a Streaming App. At this point, PikaShow TV ranks top as the Best Sports Streaming Android App.

Live Sports Streams
Live Sports Streams

No matter in which country your Favorite Sports Tournament is taking place, open the PikaShow Search Option, write Sport Name, and you will get Direct Live Streams Links. In addition, the app also facilitates users by providing Sports Highlights and Live Match Scores.

Integration with OTT Portals – Never Burden Your Pocket

Even though OTT Platforms are the best places to view your favorite Movies & Shows, most users avoid them due to pricey membership charges. While cognizing this issue, PikaShow directly integrates OTT portals in its Streaming List.

Upon downloading the PikaShow App, you can find Separate OTT Platforms Sections where you can find complete Movies, Songs, Web-series, and Original Production Galleries from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Song MAX, Hulu TV, and Disney + Hotstar.

Enhanced Form of Streaming Characteristics – Opening New Doors for Streams

Apart from an absurdly wide range of Streamable Content, PikaShow Download Latest 2024 offers countless Supporting Benefits of Streams. Among other notable Streaming Functions, Adjustable Video Qualities, Subtitle Integration, and One-Click Downloading are the liked ones.

All the Additional Streaming Attributes of the PikaShow TV App are accessible to the users, irrespective of their Devices or Bundles purchased. Below is the List of PikaShow’s Valuable Streaming Functionalities available with each Media Screen.

montage Extended Video/Audio Qualities – Feel Cinematic Effects

The developers of PikaShow have left no stone unturned to make their Streaming Experiences Exemplary. It is the only Freely Accessible App that provides Video Streams ranging from 320p to 4K, while the Forced Codec Feature keeps Video Quality High on Older Devices.

After playing any Stream on PikaShow, you’ll see the Video Quality Modification Option under the Media Screen. The Video quality usually depends on your internet speed, but if you set it manually, the setting automatically implements on all upcoming videos.

download One-Click Download – Bag Right Away into your Device

Of the hundreds of Streaming Apps, only a few offer Downloading Options of your favorite Videos Directly into your Device Storage. Surprisingly, One-Click Download is a Flagship Feature of PikaShow that works effectively.

The Download Attribute of PikaShow gets visible shortly after you play a Video. Under the Media Screen, you will find a Download Icon, and upon clicking it, you can download the Video into your device storage. Further, PikaShow also offers Watch-Later or Offline Options.

Support – Watch Subtitles Support – Watch & Understand Tag Lines

Subtitle options become mandatory for any Streaming App offering Diverse Cultural Streaming Content. Meanwhile, PikaShow fulfills these demands by concealing Subtitles from the World’s Most Speaking Languages, including Indian, English, Turkish, etc.

In addition to By-Default Support of Subtitles, PikaShow also permits Users to Upload Subtitles Files from External Sources and Enables them to Videos of whom the Subtitles are unavailable. Of course, this feature contributes to the User Streaming Experience.

cast Screen Casting Option – Mirror your Devices on Smart TVs

Screen Casting is a kind of Modern-Tech Feature that allows users to Mirror their Device Screen to Smart TVs supported by Apple, Amazon, or Linux. Apart from the required modernity from your Mobile, the Streaming App must have this feature by default.

Concerning the PikaShow App, it has Screen Casting Feature that users can Enable/Disable from Settings. To your surprise, the PikaShow’s Mirroring Option is workable for Movies, Live TV Channels, and other Streaming Stuff.

translator Multi-Language Panel – Use the App without Hassle

As mentioned earlier, PikaShow is an Indian-Origin Streaming App; however, it keeps its Content and Overall Usage Mechanism in English by default. So, most PikaShow users can use the app’s streaming features without language barriers.

In the meantime, the creators of PikaShow keep the demands of International Viewers Demands under Observation, adding other Languages in Navigation Panel. PikaShow supports English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Russian, Chinese, and French for hassle-free conversing in their mother tongues.

Wide Customization Opportunities – Stream Videos on your Conditions

The significance of an Android Streaming App is not only evaluated through its Streaming Attributes, but the Level of Control it offers also counts as its plus point. Regarding the PikaShow, it provides higher levels of Customization.

From allowing alterations of the Control Panel to offering opportunities for Video quality adjustments and Creating Unlimited Playlists, PikaShow is the only streaming app capable of modifying according to the demands of streamers.

Create Playlists – Categorize your Favorite Content in a Manner

In Customization Capacity, the first acknowledgeable factor about PikaShow is permission for the Creation of Playlists. This feature ensures Hassle-Free Streaming Experiences for Users since they can easily categorize their favorite content.

The Catalogs of Created Playlists are visible on the User’s Dashboard, and they can easily navigate to their favorite content upon clicking on the Playlist Icon. In addition, you can also Hide particular Folders through Privacy Settings.

Picture Mode – Perform Multitasks at a Time

The Latest Version of PikaShow comes equipped with Picture Mode, contributing as the Flagship feature of the year. In the spotlight, this function increases streamers’ productivity by allowing them doing multi-task at the time.

Upon enabling the Picture Mode, the Streaming Media Screen shrinks to any of the four corners of your Mobile device, and you can use any other app on the remaining screen’s portion. Meanwhile, a single click on Media Player will revert it to its original position.

External Players Support – Attach MX Player or Play iT

Most Streaming Apps offer Streams on their default Media Players, such as MX, VLC, or any other players. However, the story of PikaShow in this scenario is slightly different as it permits the attachment of External Players without displaying systematic errors.

It is worth mentioning that the Default Media Screen of PikaShow integrates highly-advanced Streaming Features, but you can replace it anytime with your favorite one. A similar option is available when it comes to watching Offline Videos.

Intuitive Interface – Position Sections where you Prefer

Lastly, we’d like to acknowledge the Simple yet aesthetically designed Interface of PikaShow. Upon opening the homepage, you’ll notice a decent Navigation Panel with all Services Sections tailored to ideal positions.

The App’s Menu Bar starts with PikaShow Official Logo, followed by Movies, Songs, Live TV Channels, & Live Sports Streams Section. On the extreme left side, you’ll find a Search Bar that you can use to find your favorite content within seconds.

Sideline Attributes – Tactics to Keep Users Under Tongue

Until here, we’ve discussed only those characteristics that most PikaShow’s rivals typically offer, but from now onwards, we shall disclose the attributes that only PikaShow captures and a prime portion of its counterparts have no idea of them.

In addition, the range of Add-On Features is Fully Open-Source, which means they are accessible by anyone irrespective of their Membership Plans. Here is a quick outlook at a few of the enormous attributes of PikaShow APK.

No Ads – Stream without Interruptions

For your information, Streaming Apps follow diverse mediums to generate earnings. For stance, most online platforms monetize their livings through Ads, while the remaining relies on Subscription Plans. Surprisingly, PikaShow doesn’t fall into both of these categories.

As per official sources, PikaShow usually extracts its Streaming Links from Third-Party Websites and displays them on its portal. This way, the app cuts down half of its expenses and in return, facilitates the streamers by Blocking Adverts,

Straightforward Navigation Panel – Play with Seeking Support

It is not an everyday experience when you walk into a free streaming website and find its Interface and Navigation Panel Decent and User-Friendly since, in most cases, such websites contain messy outlooks, ruining the user experience.

Coming to the PikaShow, the app’s developers worked hard to keep its Navigation Panel fully Optimized and User-Friendly. On technical notes, it calculatedly takes ten to fifteen minutes to understand the complete usage mechanism of this app.

Free to Use – Play Anywhere and anytime

There is no second opinion that PikaShow packs nearly those attributes you only find on Premium or Paid Streaming Websites. However, PikaShow justifies its insane popularity by offering free services for worldwide users.

Of course, the Freemium Nature of PikaShow remains intact in all classes of users, whether they are visiting the app to watch OTT Platforms Shows, Live TV Channels, and Live Sports Stream. However, you should pay for On-Demand Content queries.

Frequent Updates – Always in Developers Surveillance

Updates are the finest jewel of any Streaming App’s crown since they allow them to hook up with the changing world and meet the requirements of streamers. In the case of PikaShow, the app receives regular upgrades.

Typically, the creators of PikaShow take three to five weeks to inject updated material into the app. Meanwhile, the update varies, such as sometimes it aims to improve the interface, or the other time, it adds new watching categories.

Optimized Interface – Lightweight & Compact in Size

The App’s Interface is critical for enhancing the user experience in one or many ways. If the interface is not optimized, it takes more effort from streamers while directly impacting the device’s performance, draining more battery.

To your surprise, the PikaShow App again takes full marks in this capacity since it has a fully optimized Interface. Upon testing the app, we’ve found that at the end of five hours of continuous streaming, our device battery drains nearly 55%.

Offline Mode – Enjoy Streams without the Internet

The Offline Mode refers to Watch-Later Option and PikaShow on-boards this feature. Technically, when you’re using the app, you can download Videos under the Watch-later tag, and when your internet is off, those downloaded videos can play.

Further, the Enabling Button for Offline Mode is visible under each Streamable Video. Select your favorite Video, Click the Watch-Later Option, Select Playlist Category or Create New-One, and Press OK to complete the action.

Parental Controls – Look after Kid’s Streaming Activities

The parental Control Feature is probably the most Liked Trait of PikaShow for all valid reasons. On top of all, this attribute allows parents to keep a tight eye on their kid’s streaming activities and directly control their app features through Mobile devices.

It is worth adding that several premium nature apps, such as Disney + Hotstar, Zee TV, and Hulu TV, lack this trait. However, PikaShow recognizes this issue as an opportunity, making this feature public to outshine its counterparts.

Dual Security Parameters – Privacy at its Secured Position

Most Streamers often view Streaming Apps as Dodgy Wild West due to their Breakable Security Mechanisms. You may find hundreds of incidents on the internet revealing privacy leaks or stolen data upon using Third-Party Apps.

The developers of PikaShow are well aware of this harsh fact, working hard to make their App’s Security Parameters imperishable. As a result, out of thousands of streamers, only one has left negative reviews about the PikaShow Privacy Standards.

We shall like to begin PikaShow’s Legal Status discussion by explaining its Anti-Ban Nature. If you don’t know, Anti-Ban is a Security badge engraved with streaming apps, fulfilling the security standards settled by Google.

After saying this, not all streaming apps need to fulfill Google’s Security and are entitled to Anti-Ban Batch, but PikShow earns it truthfully by meeting the security parameters, ensuring the streamer’s privacy at any cost.

While downloading the MOD Version of any Streaming App, Rooting or Jailbreaking appears as a prime condition for Streamers. Sadly, rooting your device means you’re going against the manufacturer’s Terms and illegally modifying your device.

When installing the PikaShow APK, you don’t need to alter your device via rooting. Download the app from our website, follow the regular install steps, and start viewing your favorite streamers. Of course, this golden thumb rule implies to iPhone and PC users.

Most Streaming Apps are geographically restricted, and users can use them within pre-defined territories. However, PikaShow delivers differently in this capacity, allowing worldwide viewers accessibility with technical or geo-limits.

If a scenario builds when the App isn’t opening on your Mobile Phone or showing a Server Down Error, seek assistance from VPN services to continue your streaming activities. Perhaps, the majority of the time PikaShow works flawlessly.

Requirements for Registrations or Sign-Ups risk users’ security since providing sensitive information to unknown developers always stake your privacy. Surprisingly, viewers of PikaShow never face such ridiculous prerequisites.

Your journey along PikaShow starts directly after downloading the app. Afterward, install it on your device, and initiate streamers, but in case you want to buy the app’s premium slot, you should need a Google-verified mail.

“Always Ready to Help,” a tagline you will find upon visiting the Official PikaShow Website. Practically, the Helping Desk of PikaShow works around the clock, solving users’ errors without demanding a single penny in return.

The Support Desk of PikaShow is accessible via different mediums, including the Official Website, E-mail, and Comments Sections. If using the Website, you can access Real-Time Support or make a Ticket depending on the nature of the issue.

Install & Stream – PikShow’s Compatibility against Various Devices

Extended Compatibility for diverse-nature devices is a highly appreciable feature of PikaShow. From Android Phones to iPhones, Computers, MacBooks, Smart TVs, Linux, and PCs, name any device, and PikaShow will provide a download method.

From onwards, we’re sharing different Methods of Downloading and Enabling PikaShow APK on Internet-based Gadgets. Since the techniques vary, you should pay attention to avoid uncertain systematic or installation problems.

Android Devices

The latest PikaShow App supports all top-notch Android Brands, including Samsung, Oppo, Realme, and others. However, the app’s minimum support requirement is 4.0 OS, 3 GB of RAM, and 45 MBs of Internal Storage for smooth transactions.

  • Initiate your proceedings by clicking the Download Button to bag the Latest PikaShow APK Version
  • Keep patience since our servers take a couple of seconds to work on your Request
  • Remember to select the Downloading Path of this File before clicking the “Download Now” Option
  • Afterward, open the Phone’s Settings  > Security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to allow this App to access your Device’s Storage
  • Now, Navigate to File Manager > Download Folder > Track and Launch PikaShow MOD Asset to begin the installation setup
  • Agree with all On-Screen Commands, such as Access to Gallery, Access to Location, Access to Media, and Access to Contacts to complete the installation procedure
  • Finally, Open the App, log in using your Email, and start using the App

Believe it or not, the Original PikaShow App is playable on various models of iPhones without Rooting or Jailbreaking. After that being said, if you decide to bag PikaShow’s MOD version on iPhone, Jailbreaking becomes mandatory.

  • Now, go to Settings Apps and open the General Option
  • Scroll Down and choose Background App Refresh
  • Afterward, turn off the toggle Option
  • Now, open the default Browser and Go to the PikaShowhd.com website
  • Click on the PikaShow APK Download Button
  • Wait, until the download completes
  • Finally, open the App or Start Using the App

PikaShow App is compatible with all ranges of Windows and Chrome Browsers. However, you should install an Android Emulator before placing the PikaShow APK File on your PC; otherwise, the app won’t play on your System.

  • Open your Installed Windows (7, 9, 10, or 11) and launch Default Browser
  • Go to BlueStack’s Official Website and Download the Android Emulator
  • Enable BlueStacks in the Background and in its Search Bar, write “PikaShow for PC
  • Click on the very first result that appears in your SERP
  • Next, tap on the download button and wait a few seconds
  • Afterward, start to install the set-up and allow all On-Screen Prompts to complete it
  • Finally, Launch the PikaShow App and Start watching your favorite Media Stuff

BlueStacks is a lightweight and compact Android Emulator that ensures the smooth operation of Android Games and Apps Like cash frenzy 777 on Windows-operated gadgets. Here is the step-by-step guide to Installing PikaShow for PC via BlueStack’s Latest Version.

  • First of all, Visit the Official BlueStacks Website and Download the Latest Version of this Android Emulator
  • Pursue the Installation Instructions to Enable this Software on your Computer
  • Next, open the BlueStacks, and On the Homepage, you will see Google Play Store Icon
  • Tap to Enable the Google Store and in its search box, write PikaShow App
  • Pick the Official Website from SERP Results and click on Download Now
  • Afterward, install the App and wait until the process completes
  • Lastly, open the App and start viewing your Favorite Movies on PCs/Computers

If your Windows-oriented Systems are running Firefox or Mozilla as Default Chrome Browser, download NOXPlayer for optimized performance of the PikaShow App. Notably, NOXPlayer is a freely downloadable software from our website.

  • Visit the Official NOX Website and look for the Latest NOXPlayer Version
  • Upon finding it, click on the Download Now Button
  • Next, follow the on-screen commands to complete the NOX Installation on your Computer
  • Open the NOXPlayer Homepage and click on Google Play Store Icon
  • Activate the Search Bar and write “PikaShow App” inside it
  • Pick the Official PikaShow App from the results shown below
  • Click on the Download Button, followed by installation of the App on your Device
  • Finally, open the App and Enjoy your Streams

It is not a hidden fact that downloading Android packages on Apple-OS products, such as MacBooks, iPads, and Tablets, is complex. Nevertheless, we’re sharing a 100% working method of downloading the PikaShow on iOS.

  • Launch the Safari Browser on your iOS-powered Apple Devices
  • Navigate to Search Option and write PikaShow APK for iOS in the Bar
  • Hit the Search Button and pick the Official Website from SERP Results
  • Click on the Download Button and choose Download path on your MacBook or iPad
  • Wait a few seconds until Downloading Completes
  • Now, Launch the App to start Installation and allow all On-screen Permissions being asked by App
  • Finally, open the App and Enjoy HD Quality Live Streams

Roku TV doesn’t need any introduction since it is a leading Online Streaming Device on the market. Surprisingly, the latest version of the PikaShow App supports Roku TV, and its authentic working setup is discussed below.

  • Open your Roku Device and go to its Home Menu via Roku Remote
  • Choose “Streaming Channels” for the SideBar, visible on the Top Left Corner
  • Now, you will Navigate to Roku Official App Store
  • Here, enable the Search Function and type PikaShow APK on Roku in the Bar
  • Hit the Search Button and pick the Official App from your Results
  • Click on Download Now Button and wait until the operation completes
  • Next, launch the Downloaded App & Click on “Add Channel Option”
  • Finally, open the Roku Channels Collection and you’ll Find PikaShow App on the List

To your amazement, PikaShow App also supports Google TV. Meanwhile, the installation process of downloading and setting up PikaShow on Google TV comprises a few technical steps, so you better pay attention to the guide below to avoid errors.

  • Start by Downloading the “Send Files to TV” App on your Mobile Device and Chromecast
  • Next, go to our Homepage, and Download the Latest PikaShow APK for Google TV
  • After bagging the File, open the Send Files to TV App
  • Select the earlier downloaded PikaShow APK File and click on Send this File to TV App
  • Permit all On-Screen Commands and tap the Receive Button on your Device
  • Afterward, Install PikaShow App on Google TV via Chromecast
  • Open the Developer Options > Settings > System > About
  • Now, scroll down to Google TV Build Section and tap on “Continue Option”
  • Here, turn on Unknown Sources > Security & Restrictions
  • Wait as the PikaShow App sideloads on your Chromecast Menu
  • Finally, open the PikaShow and Enjoy Streams on Google TV

If you’re using Amazon Fire Stick TV or any other package, you might know that the Official PikaShow App is unavailable on this platform. Meanwhile, you can sideload PikaShow for Amazon Fire Cube without breaking Amazon’s Security.

  • Navigate to the Amazon FireStick Homepage
  • Open the Setting Option via the Button visible in Top Right Corner
  • Click on the Search Bar Icon and write “Downloader”
  • Open the Official Download Tile for the SERP Results
  • Launch the Downloader Dashboard and click on the Get Button Option
  • Now, go back to Firestick Homepage and Navigate to Settings Option
  • Scroll Down and choose My Fire TV
  • Tap on Developer Options and enable the Install Unknown Apps
  • Now, open Default Settings and Enable Downloader Manually
  • Lastly, Long press the Home Button on your Firestick Remote to Unlock the MENU
  • In the MENU, click Apps and navigate to the Downloader App
  • Follow the On-screen Instructions and click on the OK Button
  • Now, Copy the URL of the PikaShow APK File and Click on the Download Button
  • Wait a few seconds until Downloading Completes
  • Next, follow the steps to complete Installation Set Up
  • Congratulations, the PikaShow App is successfully Sideloaded on Amazon FireStick

Best Alternatives of PikaShow – Apps Like PikaShow

No contradiction that the PikaShow is the best streaming app on the market, but still, our mission is to provide streamers with honest reviews, writing acknowledgeable alternatives of the PikaShow App. So, make your decision wisely.

Before digging deep, we would like to clarify that the apps discussed below are a mixture of Free and Premium Categories, and we’ve selected them on behalf of their streaming features. Other than that, there is no paid promotion.

Movies HD – Best Movies Streaming App

movie HD

Movies HD qualifies as the best alternative app for PikaShow for its well-decorated range of Movies, Documentaries, and Web-series. Utilizing the finest knowledge, you can’t find any best Movies Streaming Website on the internet other than Movies HD.

Cinema HD – Best for Watching Ads-Free Streams

If you’re a Streaming Enthusiastic but won’t want to spend your money on premium subscriptions, choose Cinema HD as your prime source for streaming. The website provides 24/7 Live Streams of Movies without charging a single penny.

Voot TV – Best for Viewing Live TV

Voot TV

Voot TV earns its name due to Live Streams of Worldwide Live TV Channels. According to our latest findings, Voot TV provides free access to around 1000+ Live TV Channels from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Thop TV – Best for Accessing OTT Platforms

Thop TV

Thop TV gives a tough time to the PikaShow App in all possible aspects. To your surprise, the Streaming Services of Thop TV nearly resembles what you find on the PikaShow App; however, Thop TV Charges Money in return for Live Streams.

PikShow Usage Errors – Solving the Common Streaming Glitches

Like the Followers of other Streaming apps, the users of PikaShow also encounter frequent errors due to systematic and technical failures. Hence, in this article, we will try to answer the Common Queries and Working Errors faced by PikaShow Clients.

Is PikShow Harmful – Clearing Users’ Privacy-related Queries

PikaShow is a secure Streaming App, and its anti-ban nature and fans club comprising millions is its testament. Nonetheless, the liability of securing your streams lies on your shoulders since you must download the app from reliable sources.

PikaShow is Not Working – Providing 100% Working Solutions

There could be several reasons behind the irresponsive behavior of the PikaShow App. Above all, this issue typically occurs due to the usage of the Older APK version or the App’s Cache. Try to sort out both these issues to bring PikaShow in smooth working.

Download Videos via PikaShow – Sharing One-Click Download Method

PikaShow offers a straightforward Video Downloading Mechanism. Upon playing a stream on your mobile, you will see a Download Icon below the Media Screen. Tap on the Download Icon and the respective video will be directly saved on your device memory.

Is PikaShow Banned in India – Answering in Light of Delhi High Court Verdict

According to the latest Media Reports, the Delhi High Court has released its initial verdict, stating the temporary ban on PikaShow Streaming Services Nationwide. Notably, the decision was made on the petition related to the Legal Status of PikaShow.

Can I watch IPL Live on PikaShow – Exploring Live Streams Hacks of IPL

PikaShow provides HD Quality Live Streams of the Indian Premium League globally. Apart from Live Streams, you may also visit the website to hook up with the IPL 2024 Official Schedule, Points Table, Live Match Scores, and Event News.

How PikaShow Earns Money – Explaining the App’s Monetization Methods

PikaShow is an Ads-based streaming portal. However, its working mechanism differs from other websites. Instead of showing Adverts between Live Streams, PikaShow delivers Ads at the start of every video stream.

Is Picasso a New Version of PikaShow – Clearing Users’ Confusions

For your information, there is no New or Improvised Version of the PikaShow App. The search queries floating on Google, such as Picasso APK or PicaShow Apps, are typing errors from clients, but there is no truth in this stance.

How to Register to Complain on PikaShow – Digging the Official Connection Sources

The developers of PikaShow have introduced several methods for submitting streaming-related complaints about the app. In the spotlight, you can use Official Website E-mail, Real-Time Message Support, and Comments Sections to register your issue.


How do I download the PikaShow App (Pikashow app download kaise kare)?

The simple answer to this query is to visit the homepage of our website > click the download button > follow on-screen commands > log in to the app > and start using the PikaShow App APK 2024. 


Q: Why does Google show “PikaShow Painting” upon searching the Pikashow App?

A: To your surprise, it is entirely a spelling mistake by the searchers of Picasso Painting since they misplace the Picasso word with PikaShow. Hence, Google shows Pikashow Painting whenever anyone searches the PikaShow App. 



In short, PikaShow is the Best Videos Streaming and Online Movies Watching Android app on the Internet. In addition to matchless Streaming Services, PikaShow packs a range of additional attributes, such as One-Click Downloading, Subtitles Attachment, External Media Players Support, and Vast Compatibility, which makes it good enough to meet the changing demands of conventional streamers. On the sidelines, you can save our website on your Default Browser Bookmark Section and push the Notification Icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a new blog or article related to your favorite PikaShow App.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Since the launch date, the developers of PikaShow have released several APK Versions of this app. Among other, PikaShow v60, v61, v62, v63, v64, v65, v66, v67, v68, v69, v70, v71, v72, v73, v74, v75, v76, v77, v78, v79, v80, and v81 are the best ones.

The Actual Developers of the PikaShow App are unknown. However, it is an India-Origin Streaming App developed by Team PikaShow. Of course, we would love to update this query as soon as we find an accurate answer.

The uninstallation of PikaShow takes similar efforts as any other app does. Nevertheless, you can use two methods to complete this task – Directly Select the App and tap on Uninstall Option or Go to the App’s Settings > PikaShow App > Uninstall > OK.

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