How to Download Videos From PikaShow? -Full Guide (Updated 2024)

Downloading Option of Videos is probably the Most Glittering Jewel of the Crown of any Streaming App. In the case of PikaShow, it shines a bit brighter than its counterparts since it allows One-Click Downloads of your favorite Content on Mobile Phones.

How to Download Videos From PikaShow

After saying this, new migrants to PikaShow or Streamers with less tech knowledge find it a bit trickery to Download Videos though the option appears right below the Media Screen. Perhaps, their practical issue is selecting the Video Quality and Storage inside Mobile when pursuing this activity.

Hence, the core purpose of this writing is to provide PikaShow Users with Pro-Knowledge about using two different Downloading Options of the App – Bagging Videos Directly into Mobile Devices and Using Watch-Later Option for Offline Mode.

In addition, we will also try to answer several queries streamers often face when downloading videos on their phones. So, be patient and stay with us till the end to enhance your Downloading Information applicable on PikaShow or any other Streaming App.

Step-by-step Guide to Download Videos from Pikashow

PikaShow is a leading Android Streaming App belonging to Indian Developers. The app provides HD Streams of a range of Streamable Content, including Movies, Songs, Documentaries, Live TV Channels, Live Sports Streams, and On-Demand Content.

However, the core reason behind PikaShow’s Massive Portfolio Globally is its Additional Customization Options that offer Streamers Enhanced Control over the App. Among other commendable personalization features, Online-Click Downloading stands at the top.

Since Pikashow Apk is an ad-based streaming app, you must watch an ad to download videos. The guide for downloading videos from the app is below; however, keep in mind to follow all the steps carefully, as the app might be affected if you make a mistake or skip a process.

  • First you need to open the Pikashow App.
  • Now search for any video that you want to download and click on it.
  • Now watch an ad for 15 seconds.
  • Post this, tap on the Download option.
  • Hence, the installation procedure will start.
  • Now go to the Downloader Menu.
  • Search for IDM and install it.
  • Once the installation process is done, again go to the Download Menu.
  • From there click on the downloaded IDM.
  • Now you will get a pop-up command.
  • Tap on it to download.
  • Finally, the video will be downloaded for offline viewing.

Benefits of Downloading Videos from Pikashow

Streamers could have several reasons behind Downloading Videos from PikaShow. One could do this for Watch-Later purposes, while occasional accessibility to the internet and intentions to share with Loved-Ones are other notable motives behind Downloads.

How to Download Videos From PikaShow

No matter what your objectives are behind Downloading the Videos from PikaShow, the app, in return, gives you undeniable benefits for doing so. Below are a few advantages you can experience right after downloading a video from PikaShow.

Range of Content Range of Content

Pikashow includes a wide range of content in different categories, such as; movies, dramas, TV shows, sports events, News channels, and much more. The content also belongs to variant genres such as history, comedy, drama, romance, suspense, blockbuster, thriller, horror, and much more.

Updated Content Updated Content in Pikashow

Believe it or not, Pikashow keeps its content up to date all the time. All the new releases from global channels upload onto the app within three days, and you can view them for free. Hence, you can watch all the newly released content and keep up to date with the app in discussion.

freeDownload for Free Download for Free

Surprisingly, Pikashow APK allows you to download movies, dramas, TV Shows, and web series all for free since there are no extra or hidden charges for this activity. Upon selecting your favorite video, click the Download Icon, and it will start dwelling in your device storage.

Download in Quality Download in Quality

Another appreciable feature of PikaShow is the freedom of Customization of Video Quality Settings. Streamers can select video qualities ranging from 712p to 4k. However, this feature directly integrates with your Internet Speed and device CODEC Settings.

Adding Subtitles Adding Subtitles

You will be surprised after hearing that though Pikashow offers supported subtitles while streaming content through the app, you can now even add subtitles to the downloaded videos. You must download the subtitles along the video or access them from external sources to enable this feature.

Problems while Downloading Videos on PikaShow

Many users around the world have reported that they are not able to download content from Pikashow. You might be having some problems too. 0f course, several tech glitches or errors could raise this issue, and a few are below.

Maintenance Mode Maintenance Mode

One of the core reasons for not being able to download videos from the app is that it may be in maintenance mode. Of course, this problem usually occurs from the Developers’ end since they work around the clock to remove glitches and other errors from the app, which often result in the failing of the Download.

Cannot Connect to the Internet Cannot Connect to the Internet

How to Download Videos From PikaShow

A few times, users have encountered the “Can’t Connect to the Internet” problem, usually displayed on the home screen. Shortly after this notification pop-ups, all ongoing downloads stop, and you must restart your device to cope with this issue.

Log in Errors in Pikashow APK Log in Errors in Pikashow APK

This problem makes it very difficult for users to navigate inside the app, close the app system, or download favorite videos. Meanwhile, the core contributor to raising this issue is attempts to Log-In without an Official or Verified E-mail.

Retry Problem Retry Problem

Sometimes the app shows a Retry Error on the screen when you are streaming content online, and the error then navigates you back to the home screen while you are streaming content or downloading content, and then it does not let you stream any content.

Buffering in the App Buffering in the App

It is another common issue under which the app might buffer due to internet problems or the device’s internal problems. Hence, buffering may cause a delay in downloading the videos from the app, or it may stop you from streaming content online.

The Source Down Errors The Source Down Errors

Most complaints registered on Official PikaShow Website are related to Source Down Errors. When a streamer encounters this issue, it causes some of the app’s features to stop working in partial or complete forms.

Verified Solutions to the Downloading Errors on PikaShow

All of the problems listed above are solvable with simple methods. After saying this, sometimes the errors occur constantly, and you need to contact the developers for help. Further, you can contact us to get verified solutions for particular PikaShow Usage Problems.

Restart your Device

Your device’s condition directly impacts the working compatibility of the tool, and you can’t operate functions in the app, such as downloading videos. So, maintaining your device can also be a way to avoid encountering any difficulties or problems in the app.

  • Hold your device’s power button for a little while.
  • From the options select the Restart button.
  • Another way is to go to your device’s settings.
  • Open Battery and Device Care.
  • From there click on the option Restart Device.

Outdated Version of the Software

Another reason for systematic errors is that you might be using the older version of the streaming software on your device, so you need to download and install the latest version of the content streaming app to stream content online seamlessly. Here is how you can do it:

How to Download Videos From PikaShow

  • Go to Pikashow APK’s official site.
  • Download the latest version from there.
  • Now navigate to your device’s settings.
  • Open the Security Option.
  • Click on the option Enable Unknown Devices.
  • Now go to your Files and open the Download Folder.
  • Now Launch the Pikashow for the installation process to start.
  • You will be asked to grant some permissions and allow them according to the requirements.
  • And now you have the latest version of Pikashow APK downloaded and installed onto your device.

Delete the Storage

Delete the Storage

The most prominent solution to overcome frequent hurdles in Pikashow is you can clear the storage of recently opened apps from Pikashow. For that purpose, here are the steps that could aid you in removing the app’s cache and enhancing your downloading storage.


Access VPN Services

Though the Pikashow app is available in many countries globally, some regions have still restricted the app’s accessibility due to legal backgrounds. If the Streams of PikaShow are unavailable in your territory, download a VPN to unlock its services

  • Go to the settings.
  • Open application option.
  • From there select Pikashow App.
  • Then click on the option ‘Storage’.
  • From there you can clear the storage.
  • Go the Official Express VPN Webiste.
  • Download the Latest Version and follow the on-screen commands to complete the installation.
  • Now run Install Set Up on your Device, and an Icon of VPN will appear on your Screen
  • Click the Icon to open, select a country, and then open the PikaShow App.



After reading the above information, we bet you would have gathered enough details on downloading Videos from PikaShow App without using Thrid-Party Software or Breaking the Legal Rules. Of course, our blog covers all possible issues that often bar you from downloading your favorite content and provide their verified and tested solutions. After saying this, our help desk is working around the clock, and you can connect us anytime via the Comments Section or by E-mail in case of any query.


Yes, you can download different types of content from the app straight onto your device.

PrimeWire, Movie25, HDOnline, and Filma25 are some of the best alternatives to Pikashow when it comes to downloading content.

It may have come as a shock, but Pikashow includes no such limit. You can download content from the app freely and as much as you like.

How to Download Videos From PikaShow
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How to Download Videos From PikaShow
Surprisingly, Pikashow APK allows you to download movies, dramas, TV Shows, and web series all for free since there are no extra or hidden charges for this activity
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