Is Pikashow App Banned In India? – Revealing The Truth

The sudden shutdown of the PikaShow App in India has shocked its users, and now they are wondering to unveil the realities behind this dilemma. If you want to know the Exact Circumstances between the Ban of PikaShow in India, read this article till the end.

The straightforward answer to your query is that PikaShow is Outlawed in India after a Delhi High Court Decision that came out after a few Streaming Companies approached, claiming that PikaShow is using Pirated Content without their consent.

Is Pikashow App Banned In India

Of course, the court has supplied several opportunities to the Defendant Side, but the developers of PikaShow have failed to provide satisfactory evidence. As a result, the court ordered Telecommunication Authorities to Block Streams of PikaShow.

In the meantime, a new debate involving PikaShow’s Reliability and Legal Status has started on different community forums, with most users labeling this app as entire malware while a few streamers came out in its support.

Finding The Truth Behind PikaShow Ban

There are several causes behind the Ban of PikaShow, but the two main ones are copyrighted content and the security and safety threats. Indeed, those are the similar reasons for which the Google Play Store has removed this app.

Although the Delhi High Court has banned the PikaShow App for Streaming Content without the Consent of Official Owners, a few other causes, including Poor Privacy Standards and Exhibition of Spam Links, are other reasons for its unavailability.

Display of Copyrighted Content

 Display of Copyrighted Content:

The utmost reason for the blockage of Pikashow is the display of copyrighted content. It was declared that the app illegally includes content from other OTT Platforms. Hence, many other content-streaming software complained and took the issue to the High Court.

Includes External Links:

Many streamers complained that Pikashow includes some links that take them to external websites. Of course, it is illegal to practice since reliable blogs never manipulate their users by redirecting them to third-party websites.

Not Available on Official Apps Store

 Not Available on Official Apps Store:

The main red flag that Pikashow included was that it is unavailable on any official app store such as Google Play Store. You have to access and download it through different websites. The app’s unavailability of Official Platforms is a testament that this app didn’t pass the security test by Google.

Includes Malware and Viruses

 Includes Malware and Viruses:

Since the app in question is downloadable from third-party sources and websites, it is unsafe for users to download files from such sources because not all websites are trusted. Some websites through which you download Pikashow can contain viruses and malware that can access your device and start ruining your data and stuff.

Accusations of Data Theft

Accusations of Data Theft:

For many streamers, PikaShow is not a trusted streaming app since it asks for permissions to your gallery, contacts, and location, which smells fishy. In any case, if users can allow access, there are higher chances of data and privacy leaks.

Doesn’t Uninstall

 Doesn’t Uninstall:

Take an example that you have downloaded Pikashow, and after that, for some reason, you need to uninstall it. But you can’t because you will not be able to find the uninstallation option as it is not available there. Hence, you need assistance toolkits to remove this app from your device.

Negative Review

Negative Review:

The app in question received many negative reviews about its user security system and how it isn’t safe for some people. Many people have shared their bad experiences while streaming content on Pikashow, and some have even made accusations on Pikashow of theft.

Concerns about the Reliability of the App

Beyond the Content Piracy Issues, many users are concerned about the app’s reliability.  The developers of PikaShow have paid a lot of money to create the app, and people were worried whether the developers would be able to maintain the app in the future or if it would break down.

Google Play Store’s Pop-up Notification

Google Play Store’s Pop-up Notification:

When you download PikaShow from a website, you get a pop-up notification from the Google Play Store stating this app could harm your device. It is a warning message about downloading Pikashow, posing a threat and a matter of concern.

Showing of Explicit Content

Showing of Explicit Content:

As PikaShow is a third-party app with no content restrictions. It contains explicit content without any warnings, which is inappropriate for children and adults. Meanwhile, the app doesn’t feature any Parental or Content Tracking Modes.

Cases on the Developer of the App

 Cases on the Developer of the App:

There were some illegal activities of the developer of PikaShow, and thus, the High Court of India announced their arrest. In 2022, the developer of Pikashow was arrested for displaying pirated content despite knowing it was an outlawed practice. 

Promoting the Afghan Cricket Team

 Promoting the Afghan Cricket Team:

Pikashow was not allowed to be broadcast on national TV in India by the High Court of India; however, the developers chose an alternative route to promote the app and to gain popularity. During the Asia Cup 2022, the app collaborated with and sponsored the Afghan cricket team, broadcasting their Live Matches. This stunt has caused much anger in the other streaming platforms, and they reported Pikashow to the High Court and were ordered to shut down their app.



To wrap things up, you know the reasons behind the Ban of PikaShow App in India. From stealing content from other websites to redirecting users to third-party websites and displaying spam links, PikaShow never breaks every possible barrier, protecting users’ security online. Nonetheless, the developers of PikaShow have tasted their own medicine since the App was removed from the Google Play Store and then banned in India. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and enable the notification icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a new blog or post related to PikaShow App.


Shisham Badiya is the original developer of Pikashow APK, who was kept anonymous until 2022. But his arrest in 2022 made everyone learn about his name.

Well, overall the answer is yes. The app includes much-pirated content and streams content from other OTT platforms without consent and has been reported many times. It is better to go and watch content from the original source instead of taking illegal alternative routes.

The answer is no, downloading the app onto your device, whether it is iOS, Android, PC, or MAC, is a legal process. There is no Jailbreaking or rooting when you download Pikashow onto your device.

Is Pikashow App Banned In India?
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Is Pikashow App Banned In India?
Since the app in question is downloadable from third-party sources and websites, it is unsafe for users to download files from such sources because not all websites are trusted.
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