Is PikaShow App Safe Or Not? – Ultimate Guide & Customer Reviews

Even though PikaShow has garnered significant attention, a prime portion of its clients still worry about safety and security implications upon using it. So, to clarify the trustworthiness concerns and safety claims of this App, we delve deep through this blog.

Is PikaShow App Safe Or Not

Technically, this writing will be two-parter, of which the first portion explores various aspects of the app, including its origins, developer credibility, and data privacy policies, while in the latter part, we’ll examine the app’s features, functionality, and the concerns raised by users regarding its safety.

Since we always prioritize your online safety and privacy the entire findings would be unbiased, and this particular knowledge will also help you navigate the vast landscape of streaming applications without external assistance.

Before taking our article to new heights of Investigation, we shall discuss the PikaShow and recall the reasons behind its unmatched success, which surely are its Streaming Features. So, buckle up to roll coast with us on this journey.

Exploring the PikaShow – Disclosing its Features

PikaShow is an Indian-Origin Streaming App launched in the market in 2019. Within no time, the app grabbed a massive portfolio globally for its HD Quality Streams from different Media Branches, including Movies, Songs, Live TV, Sports, and much more.

However, Free Streams are not the core reason behind PikaShow’s Long-Standing Dominacy, but rather the Integrated Range of Streaming Attributes, such as UI Customization, Vast Compatibility, External Media Screen Support, and Subtitle Attachment, are the main ones.



 The app features tons of movies in different languages. You will find unlimited films across various industries, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Karnataka. You can also watch movies from other genres like action, comedy, adventure, drama, fantasy, and horror. 

Live Transmission

Live Transmission

 One of the specialties of PikaShow is that it will play your favorite TV channel without any geological limitations. It packs nearly 550+ live TV channels like Star Plus and many others. 

Live program

Live program

 In addition, the app also transmits demanding and over-the-internet programs such as global news, business, stories, fashion events, history, and many more.

Sports Streams

Sports Streams

 If you are a sports lover, you can find sports in a click, such as cricket, racing, football, badminton, or any other. 

OTT Program

OTT Program

Pika Show permits users a direct approach to various OTT(Over The Top) channels such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, and others.

Easy Installation: One of the best and most particular features of Pika Show is that it allows users to install all sorts of content on the app, you can choose their favorite show, and click the Download button below it.

Is Pikashow APK Safe – All that you Need to Know

Before downloading any app, it is essential to check whether the app is safe to use or not. The same is the case with Pikashow APK. You must know that Pikashow APK is considered one of the best content streaming apps, and you must have heard about its features and all the elements it includes.

Pikashow APK is a third-party app and isn’t that reliable. You must be very careful while accessing any app outside the Play Store because there can be frauds or scams. Back to the topic, below are some reasons for raising Red Flags about PikaShow.

Access Through Unofficial Ways

The main red flag that Pikashow APK includes is that it is not available on any official app store, such as Google Play Store. You have to access and download it through different websites. Of course, it is a cause for worry because there must be a reason for Pikashow APK not being available on any official app store.

Play Store Pop-up Notification

When you download Pikashow APK from websites, before installation, you get a surety pop-up notification from the Google Play Store, warning you about Pikashow APK. It is highly questionable as there must be some reason for the notification, as it warns the downloaders. 

External Support

Pikashow APK is a content streaming app that includes numerous entertainment content choices. Meanwhile, it also integrates with other OTT Platforms and streams content from them. But there are some links included in Pikashow APK that use external support. For example, if you want to stream any sports event, you click on the link, but the Pikashow APK directs you to other platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Availability of Content 

As you must know, Pikashow MOD also shows entertainment content from other OTT Platforms, so that type of content is copyrighted. Platforms such as Netflix have even reported Pikashow APK for showing their copyrighted content, which is not an excellent legal sign.

Explicit Content

As said earlier, Pikashow APK is a third-party app that streams explicit and inappropriate content for you and has no warnings. So, it isn’t good for everyone to stream content on Pikashow, especially children.

Potential Damages Occurred by PikaShow APK

For the above reasons, Pikashow APK can cause serious harm to your device and also access your private data. Below are the two potential damages that Pikashow APK can cause – Violating your online privacy or impacting your device performance.

Viruses and Malware

Psikashow APK often downloads from third-party sources and websites, but you don’t know about the reputation of those respective web blogs. Some websites through which you download Pikashow APK can contain viruses and malware that can access your device and start ruining your data and stuff.

Data Stealing

Pikashow APK is a self-relying app, and you cannot trust it. If you permit it to access your device, there is a high chance of your data misplacement or leakage online. So again, you should download this app from reliable sources such as our website.

Reliability of Pikashow APK – Editors Findings

People even question Pikashow’s reliability and compatibility and the future of Pikashow APK in the market. Of course, it is their right to ask about any streaming app’s legal status, and here is the opinion of its developers on this subject.

Community Forums Opinions

Online community forums such as Quora and Reddit have different opinions on the safety and security of Pikashow. The ultimate answer to this query falls in Yes Category, but still, minor figures of people argue that Pikashow APK has caused harm and damage to their devices.

Websites Opinions

There are also many websites offering Direct Download Links to the PikaShow APK. However, you must grant several Admin permissions so that the MOD Package can access your device storage. Of course, it is a risky business, and you must take some precautionary measures.

Developers Opinions

Despite all the concerns and questions, Pikashow APK’s developers stay firm on their claim that Pikashow APK is a safe app and does not cause your device any harm unless you let it. To prove this stance, they are open 24/7 for Customer Support.

Precautionary Measures

After having done a personal experience of testing Pikashow APK, the developers of Pikashow APK said that you could take some safety measures, such as disallowing internal storage accessibility permissions or scanning the app yourself.

External Support

Pikashow APK uses external support for Live Streaming. For instance, if you want to watch a particular show or movie, you press on the link and redirect straight to other OTT Platforms, but there is nothing to worry about if Pikashow APK does the same.



Pikashow APK has some red flags and flaws, which means you must be worried after knowing about them. But Pikashow APK is a third-party app, so it is not unusual to have these red flags. You have to be a little careful while accessing Pikashow APK. Only download the Pikashow APK from a trusted website and scan for viruses or malware. And then, take some security measures to stop Pikashow APK from accessing your internal storage device. Otherwise, Pikashow APK is a safe and trusted content streaming app where you can stream content for free even from other OTT Platforms.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Most people have the question mentioned above. The answer is you do not find it on the Google Play Store. You must download the Pika Show App from third-party app stores or the official website because it is not accessible through the Google Play Store.

Yes, Pikashow is a free entertainment app that gives users free access to a large number of materials.

Yes, Pikashow gives viewers the choice to download content so they may watch it whenever it’s convenient and offline.

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