Is Thop TV Better Than PikaShow? – A Detailed Analysis in 2024

While surfing Google, you will find two streaming apps competing neck-to-neck, of whom one is Thop TV and the other is PikaShow. But which one of them is the Best and for what reasons? To find out, read this article till the end.

Is Thop TV Better Than PikaShow

With concrete concise, both PikaShow and Thop TV holds massive portfolio globally for serving unmatched streaming services at minimal costs. Meanwhile, Vast Compatibilities, Upholding Legal Statuses, and Around the Clock Customer Support are their other top selling points.

Hence, the higher levels of resemblances between PikaShow and Thop TV have led streamers to a confused situation since they find it trickery to pick the app that matches their preferences the most. After saying this, an in-depth analysis could highlight their differences.

So, be patient and read our unbiased course that unveils streaming distinctions between PikaShow and Thop TV. It is fair to add that our provided information is based on endless research and study by the Streaming Experts Team.

Finding the Differences between PikaShow & Thop TV

Nowadays, people like to view their favorite movies and shows at home through different devices, which is only possible through online content streaming apps. Consequently, thousands of applications are available on the market, each claiming to be the best. And thus, people are constantly comparing streaming apps to each other.

Similarly, there has been a lot of discourse over the internet about Pikashow and Thop TV. Many users of both apps are arguing over which streaming app is the best, and the popular opinion is that Thop TV is much better than Pikashow however, there are still numerous people who object to this.

Hence, here is a complete analysis of Pikashow and Thop TV. You will learn about their mutual features and can decide whether Thop TV is better than Pikashow Apk or not. Later, we will disclose dissimilarities between both apps.


Free of Cost

Pikashow Apk and Thop TV are content streaming apps that you can use for free. There are no subscription charges to access almost all the streaming features available in the apps, including Movies, Live TV Channels, and Sports Streams.

Usage Consistency

Users are amazed to see the usage consistency of Pikashow and Thop TV. Both apps are available on Android devices, iOS devices, PCs, Macs, Smart TVs, Android TVs, and Firesticks. Accessing the apps on these devices is also a seamless task and doesn’t require you to perform complex procedures.

Customization Panel

The apps in the discussion include ‘Customizable Panels, through which you can alter the streaming experience according to your liking. The enhanced modification opportunities are the attachment of external media players, uploading of subtitles, and change of Background Theme.

Adding Subtitles

You can add subtitles to the videos in multiple languages for free. Surprisingly, this feature is available on both Pikashow and Thop TV.  In addition, if you don’t find your desired language in the options available inside the apps, you can add them through external platforms.

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is another commendable feature shared by both Thop TV and Pikashow Apk. In this spotlight, this attribute allows you to cast the video from your mobile onto a bigger screen, such as a TV or projector, without hassle.

Movies and Films

Both of the apps are on the top when it comes to the diversity of content. Pikashow and Thop TV include a wide array of movies and films for their users, integrating with different OTT Platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

TV Channels and Shows

The apps in question broadcast several local TV Channels in India without charging. There are even many International TV channels on Pikashow and Thop TV, including Live News Channels, Sports Channels, Dramas, Fashions, and History, a few names on the list.

Live Broadcasting of Sports Events

You can view live broadcasting of several popular sports events from global grounds via Pikashow APK and Thop TV. The streaming videos are available in HD Quality, and with a leveled-up audio system, you can enjoy the broadcast in a very adaptable environment.

Why Thop TV may be Better than Pikashow?

Though Pikashow and Thop TV have similar features and working mechanism, there are some points in which Thop TV seem to be crossing Pikashow out. And these points are the base for Thop TV being the better one between these two apps. Nevertheless, below are a few reasons confirming that Thop TV is a better streaming app.


Legality of Apps

Over the internet, there has been a debate over whether Pikashow is an illegal app or not. People and Community forums accused Pikashow of stealing entertainment content from other streaming platforms, or in other words, Pikashow is displaying content from several OTT Platforms without their consent. However, Thop TV is a legal app since no proof was found against the legality of the app.

Availability on Apps Store

For your information, Thop TV can be accessed and downloaded from the Google Play Store.  However, Pikashow is unavailable on Google Play Store, which states that Google Play Store did not approve the privacy policies of Pikashow APK. Hence, Pikashow is not a safe app.

Developers Help

If you are facing any problem while using Thop TV, contact the developers of the app directly and ask them for a solution. However, no such feature is available in Pikashow. The developers are now not responding to any of the user’s queries, and it seems like they have completely left the app for its own sake.

Banning of Pikashow

In the notice of 2022, the Delhi High Court banned Pikashow in India, ordering the arrest of developers as well. The High Court declared that Pikashow displays copyrighted content for free, which is not legal. As for Thop TV, you can use this app legally without any restrictions.

Reviews of the Apps

Pikashow has gotten a lot of negative reviews from people and community forums, accusing it of stealing their data and displaying pirated content illegally.  In contrast, Thop TV has a few negative comments and reviews.



To conclude, Pikashow is a content streaming app offering great streaming experiences. After saying this, there are some flaws that you must keep in mind while using the app. On the other hand, no evidence has been found against Thop TV’s legality and safety. And using Thop TV is preferable for users as they can download it from a trusted source; Google Play Store, and users know that if they face any problem, they can immediately contact the app’s developers. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and pay it back frequently to hook up with the latest updates on your favorite PikaShow App.


HDStreamz is one of the best alternatives to Pikashow and Thop TV.

After the Delhi High Court announced the banning of Pikashow, there were some rumors going around that the developers of the app were also arrested. However, there is no legit proof so nothing can be said on this matter.

You can check whether your internet connection is strong enough or not, or you can try downloading the latest version of the app. If the app still doesn’t work, then you can visit their official website and contact the developers for help.

Is Thop TV Better Than PikaShow?
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Is Thop TV Better Than PikaShow?
Users are amazed to see the usage consistency of Pikashow and Thop TV. Both apps are available on Android devices, iOS devices, PCs, Macs, Smart TVs, Android TVs, and Firesticks.
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