Why Pikashow is Unavailable on the Play Store – Ultimate Guide

There is no second opinion that Streaming Apps available on the Play Store are considered more reliable than those accessible through third-party sources. And then comes those apps, such as PikaShow, that were once top-rated on this platform and suddenly vanished.

The removal of PikaShow from Google’s Verified Downloading Platform has raised diversified queries in the minds of causal streamers, including the reasons behind the Permanent Ban on this App from the Google Play Store.

Why Pikashow is Unavailable on the Play Store

It is pertinent to mention that PikaShow was first officially launched on the Play Store and dominated the Streaming app rankings for a long. However, the Play Store removed this app due to constant conflicts with Google Security and privacy breaches.

Alongside the Ban from Play Store, Google has also red-flagged this streaming app, and as a result, whenever a user tries to download this app from a third-party website, a pop-up notification saying ‘Blocked by Play Protect’ appears on the screen.

Therefore, in this article, you will find the answers to your questions about why Pikashow is not available to download through the Play Store and whether the app is safe to use. Further, we will provide 100% working links of the Latest PikaShow APK.

Why is the Google Play Store Important – A Worth Reading Guide

You must wonder why people are concerned about the app’s safety when it is unavailable on the Play Store. Well, Google Play Store exhibits all the apps after testifying their security, and any app that could cause possible harm to the user drops from the list.

Of course, you can find millions of applications and software available to download, many of which could be scams to steal data from your device. Hence, Google Play Store checks whether the app’s privacy policies are secure.

Additionally, it guarantees that the app’s privacy policies must request your consent before accessing any data on your smartphone. Last but not least, the Play Store authenticates the caliber and sources of streamable material, disqualifying any apps that offer pirated content.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about any app causing damage to your data if it has the Official Google Play Store Badge. It is not mandatory for Google to immediately block all applications; some, like PikaShow, are subsequently deleted.

Possible Reasons behind Unavailability of any App on the Play Store

Click Fraud Click Fraud

Fraudulent Clicking is a method in which the apps deceive streamers by exhibiting Fake ads and forcing them to watch Ads for streaming purposes. Of course, Play Store immediately blocks the app involved in this malware activity.

Rooting Rooting

Some apps you download may seem safe, but they often require rooting to your device in the background. Meanwhile, jailbreaking changes the default settings of your device, and neither the manufacturers nor Google promotes or appreciates this practice.

Spyware Activities Spyware Activities

Sometimes, apps try to access your data without your consent. Indeed, Google Security stands up against websites involved in such practices and warns users by showing a message saying, ‘This App tries to Spy on your Data.

Downloading Sources Downloading Sources

There have been a lot of instances where the app itself does not cause any damage; instead, the sources and platforms through which the app enters your device contain viruses and malware. Whenever this happens, Play Store sends out a message for everyone to see that says, ‘This App may cause Harm to Non-Android Devices’.

Reasons for the Unavailability of Pikashow on the Play Store

As Pikashow violates several policies of the Google Play Store, its reason for removal is evident. After saying this, you can still download the app from different third-party sources and platforms, though Play Store still tries to warn you by sending a pop-up notification. Hence, laid down below are the reasons why Pikashow is unable to be downloaded from the Official Google Play Store:

With a concise statement, PikaShow includes external links for streaming purposes. In the meantime, those links direct you to the source once you click on them. Indeed, it is considered an illegal practice unless the creator asks permission from the original owners.

Pirated Content

Secondly, PikaShow is involved in the Violation of Copyrights Regulations. The app streams content pirated from third-party platforms without their consent. Of course, it is another reason behind the removal of the app from the Google Play Store.

User Security Policies

Sadly, PikaShow also harms users’ privacy policies since it asks for Private Information, such as E-mail, Access to Contacts, and Access to Gallery. Meanwhile, the developers weren’t satisfied with Google’s Terms for protecting the provided data.

PikaShow’s Current Status in India

In 2022, the Delhi High Court declared the banning of the app in India. The High Court even announced that the developers of Pikashow are to be arrested for violating Copyright Laws. Despite all the negativity about Pikashow, the developers, some community forums, and some people are still persistent that Pikashow is a safe and secure app.

The developers have given a detailed response to all the rumors about the app and explained why the app may seem harmful to you. Hence, below are the explanations of factors that confuse many people and web community forums.

Play Store Pop-up Notification

When downloading Pikashow from a website, you get a pop-up notification from the Google Play Store saying it is a harmful app to download. The developers have explained that this security notification is nothing to worry about or have concerns about. This security notification comes because Pikashow Apk is a third-party app and is not available on the official Google Play Store.

Precautionary Measures

After a few personal experiences of testing Pikashow, the developers said that users could take some precautionary measures if they have concerns and queries about the app’s safety, such as scanning the app before installing it on the device.

External Support

As said earlier, Pikashow uses external support to stream content. And while those links are extracted from third-party sources without their consent. However, the PikaShow developers claim it to be Legal Practice because they pay for them.

Granting Permissions

One of the safety measures that you can take is not granting extra permissions to Pikashow Apk.  During installation, the app asks for access to your location, gallery, and contacts, but you can negate all those permissions for enhanced protection.



At this ending point, we could expect that now you know the reasons for Pikashow’s removal from the Google Play Store. Of course, this streaming app violates several Google Policies, resulting in a ban on its entry into Play Store’s Gallery. However, you can still access the app from different third-party sources alongside some precautionary measures to ensure that your device and data stay safe and secure. On the sidelines, we welcome you to bookmark our website with the purpose of hooking up with potential updates on the PikaShow App.


While PikaShow may be safe to use in terms of malware or viruses, it’s important to be cautious when downloading it from third-party sources. There’s always a risk of downloading a modified or malicious version of the app from unofficial websites.

No, you cannot find PikaShow on alternative app stores either because the app violates Google’s policies, and other reputable app stores tend to follow similar guidelines.

PikaShow was removed from the Google Play Store primarily due to copyright infringement issues. The app provides access to copyrighted content without proper authorization, which violates Google’s policies.

Pikashow is Unavailable on Play Store
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Pikashow is Unavailable on Play Store
in this article, you will find the answers to your questions about why Pikashow is not available to download through the Play Store and whether the app is safe to use. Further, we will provide 100% working links of the Latest PikaShow APK.
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