Is Pikashow Banned? – Unearthing The Possible Reasons (2024)

The unavailability of the PikaShow App on the Google Play Store creates hundreds of types of queries in users’ minds. Among other speculations, Is PikaShow Banned by Play Store is the most asked question, and this writing will provide its authentic answer.

Is Pikashow Banned

While giving a straightforward answer to your query, Yes, Google Play Store has removed the PikaShow App over piracy issues. In addition, the Delhi High Court has also Blocked this App in India, labeling it as a Rogue and Harmful Streaming App in their interim decision.

After saying this, the Official PikaShow is still operational, and you can download its original edition from our website. Of course, our provided links are 100% secure and are compatible with Android Phones, Desktops, and other Internet-based Gadgets.

Reasons Leading to PikaShow’s Ban

Although PikaShow still grabs a massive portfolio in India and other regions below, its absence on the Play Store severely impacted its users. The banning of Pikashow was done based on reasonable causes, all of which are below.


Pirated Content

The most prominent reason that caused the blockage of the app was the pirated content displayed through the streaming app without legal consultation. Hence, many other OTT Platforms, such as Netflix and Disney+, reached the Delhi Court demanding the obstruction of Pikashow.

The app in question includes numerous external links that direct you to the source of the content. These external links can be harmful or sometimes contain malware and viruses that could damage your device. Thus, this practice became another reason behind the ban of this app since users were worried about the safety of their devices and data.

Unavailability on Google Play Store

One of the main red flags that Pikashow APK included was the unavailability of any official app store, such as Google Play Store. Of course, the Play Store only removes applications that do not comply with its security requirements, and the removal of PikaShow makes it evident that it is involved in malware operations.

Device and Data Security

The app under consideration is unavailable on any app store and must be downloaded via third-party websites, putting your device and data at risk. In the meantime, you must spend hours finding a reliable website since one poor decision could compromise your online privacy.

Negative Reviews Throughout

Pikashow APK received many negative reviews about its user security system since a prime ratio of people have shared their bad experiences while streaming content on the app. However, not all the comments about Pikashow APK are bad, so a mixed opinion of streamers raises considerable ambiguities in the minds of newcomers. 

Dismantling the Concerns about the Reliability of the App

Things remained malafide when it came to verifying the reliability of the PikaShow App. The app’s unavailability on the Play Store and its ban by the High Court makes it evident that it is not a secure streaming app. However, you cannot doubt the reliability of this Android software since millions of users continue to use it.


Pop-up Notification while Downloading

Since Pikashow is only available for download from particular websites, but when you click on the button to install the app, you get a security pop-up notification from the Google Play Store. The alert usually says that the app is unsafe and contains harmful viruses. Indeed, many users, communities, and forums considered it a threat and a matter of concern.

Display of Unethical Content

In this case, there were many complaints from the parents that Pikashow does not contain any trigger warnings and shows explicit and unethical content without any content restriction for every age. This issue was also taken to the High Court of Delhi and became another reason for the blockage of the app.

The creator of the questioned program engaged in some criminal activity, and the High Court of India ordered his arrest. Hence, the Pikashow developer was detained in 2022 and charged with unlawful practices to show stolen content on the app.

Promoting the app through Illegal Ways

Pikashow Apk was not allowed to be broadcast on national TV in India by the High Court of India, so the developers chose an alternative route to promote the app and to gain popularity.  As a result of this stunt, the app got more downloads alongside more illegal sponsorships.



To conclude, Pikashow shows copyrighted content, including unauthorized external links, redirects to third-party websites, and sharing of content without the consent of their official owners. Of course, those actions are illegal by both Google Security and international copyright law. After saying this, you can download the App’s Official Version from our website. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and push the notification icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a new post or article related to PikaShow App.


The process for the banning of Pikashow in India started in October 2020, and the app was banned not long after.

The Pikashow app includes copyrighted content from many other content streaming apps, including India’s leading streaming app; Star India. Hence, the High Court of Delhi declared that it is not permissible for the app to promote itself on any TV channel.

Viooz is another content streaming app that allows you to watch unlimited content for free. It is considered as the best alternative to Pikashow.

Is Pikashow Banned
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Is Pikashow Banned
Although PikaShow still grabs a massive portfolio in India and other regions below, its absence on the Play Store severely impacted its users. The banning of Pikashow was done based on reasonable causes, all of which are below.
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