Pikashow For iPhone/iOS Free Download v84 (Updated 2024)

iPhone users always find it tricky to run Android Streaming Apps on their Default Operating Systems, and the story remains unchanged in the case of the PikaShow App. Nevertheless, this article would assist you in overcoming this tech hurdle.

In the best scenario, we will guide you to Install and Run any Android-supported Streaming App, including PikaShow, on iPhones and other iOS-operated gadgets. Of course, our exhibited methods are 100% secure and never harm your manufacturer’s warranty.

Pikashow For iPhone

APK NamePikaShow For iPhone
Updated Updated4 Hours Ago
Compatible with Compatible with iOS/iPhone
Version Version v84
Size Size17 MB
MOD Features MOD FeaturesFREE
Category CategoryEntertainment
Developer DeveloperPikaShow Team
Price PriceFree

However, the entire set-up will work in your favor if you download the latest PikaShow for iPhone Version from our website since we developers have specifically designed this Edition for iPhone users. Of course, you don’t need to pay for anything.

We also ensure that our provided links are 100% secure and support all older and recent iPhone Models. After saying this, you can scan from Links via Apple Store Malware Software before adopting official installation proceedings.

PikaShow’s Streaming Perks for iPhone Users

In past years, the demand for Streaming Apps has surged, with most offering compatibility with Android Devices. In the meantime, Apple Users have always seen complaining about this unfair advantage since most Android packages are unplayable on iPhones.

Pikashow for iphone

Nonetheless, a range of Streaming Apps offer even compatibility opportunities for Android and iPhone streamers, and PikaShow is a glittering illustration of this scenario. Surprisingly, the app is available on both App and Play Stores.

If you don’t know, PikaShow is an Indian-Origin Streaming App packing countless Media-related attributes. In the spotlight, PikaShow packs 1000 Live TV Channels, Live Sports Streams, Movies Galleries, Songs Libraries, and OTT platforms.

Perhaps, the acute reason behind PikaShow’s insane popularity goes beyond its streaming properties, probably lying in its Extended Customization Functionalities, including Subtitles Support, Downloading, and Interface Personalization.

Lastly, we’d appreciate the Freeium Nature of PikaShow. Yes! You heard it right, PikaShow doesn’t charge a single penny in return for its valuable streaming services. Perhaps, those monetary matters are compensated through In-video Ads.

Exclusive Features of Pikashow for iPhone – A Worthwihile Decision

Laid out below are some of the dominating features of Pikashow that you can unlock only by accessing Pikashow on your iPhone. In the meantime, any of those attributes can be easily accessible through Settings and changed anytime.

Extensive Content Collection Extensive Content Collection

Pikashow APK offers an extensive collection of content, with galleried sections filled with diverse entertainment content you will love. From horror and blockbusters to romance, you will find all kinds of genres available in the app that you can access for free. Content in Pikashow APK includes movies, dramas, web series, sports event news, documentaries, and much more, all available on your iPhone.

Download Legally Download Legally

In the current era, many options for streaming content apps are available, but downloading them on iPhone is illegal. Such apps only access your iPhone through jailbreaking or rooting. After that being said, you can download Pikashow APK onto your iPhone legally without breaking any privacy policies of the Apple Store.

Access on iPhone 15 and 14 Access on iPhone 15 and 14

People using the latest version of the iPhone, such as iPhone 14 and 15, are being deprived of downloading most apps onto their device. If you are also facing a similar problem, you don’t need to worry anymore because the latest software of Pikashow APK now supports iPhone 14 and 15.

Pikashow for iphone

Seamless Interference Seamless Interference

One of the best features of Pikashow APK is its simple and seamless interface and navigation system. You will never be overwhelmed after opening the Pikashow APK because everything is easily visible and user-friendly.

Custom Made Playlist Custom Made Playlist

Pikashow APK allows you to create a custom-made playlist for movies, dramas, documentaries, web series, or anything that you can save in the playlist and watch later without having to search again for them. Of course, this feature saves you time and resources simultaneously.

Customize Tab Customize Tab

You can also access the customize tab available on the app for free, from where you can level up the audio, boost the video quality, and alter the playback speed. Feel free to alter the audio setting according to your liking and enhance the video quality from different options such as Standard Definition Quality (SD) or High Definition Quality (HD).

Chromecast your Screen Chromecast your Screen

Pikashow APK has an exclusive element that you can Chromecast the screen of your iPhone onto any other device. Then you can view content on an advanced device, such as on a MAC or TV, and enjoy watching your favorite movies in cinema-like surroundings.

Subtitles Option Subtitles Option

In Pikashow, you can add subtitles to your videos in multiple languages, such as English, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, etc. However, some languages are not available inside the app. But Pikashow has a solution to this also. The app in question supports 15+ external subtitles platforms, through which you can add subtitles to the videos inside the app.

Parental Control Option Parental Control Option

Pikashow APK has a built-in feature that allows parents to watch and control what their kids are watching. This feature is excellent because parents don’t need to worry about what their child is viewing. You can restrict some inappropriate content for your kid.

Parental Control Option Compatible Size

Pikashow APK has huge galleries of content and offers a wide range of genres, but despite offering so much content, the app takes up relatively small space on your iPhone, only a maximum of 45 MB. So you don’t need to worry about the storage of your iPhone.

Daily Updates on Pikashow APK Daily Updates on Pikashow APK

Pikashow APK is updated regularly and includes all the new content for you to watch on your iOS. Pikashow APK adds all the newly released stuff just after three days of release, and this is a fast service. You do not need to wait for a long time to view any new release content because Pikashow APK has it all.

Pikashow for iphone

Methods for Downloading Pikashow APK on Your iPhone

There are two methods through which you can download Pikashow you’re your iPhone. Though the process involves some tricky steps and tasks, follow the given steps carefully. You must ensure a stable internet connection; otherwise, malicious errors could cancel the whole process.

Direct Download Method From our Website

  • First, go to your iPhone’s settings app.
  • Fill in the General option and click on it.
  • By scrolling down you will find the Background App Refresh.
  • Tap on the Background App Refresh.
  • From there turn the Toggle off.
  • Then select the Mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  • After that open the Safari Browser.
  • Visit the appboba.com site.
  • And then search ‘Pikashow’ on it through the search bar.
  • You will see the download button.
  • From there download the app.
  • For the completion of the process you would have to wait for a while as it would take some time.
  • You must download two apps from the task and you need to use them for 30 seconds.
  • After having both tasks completed, the Pikashow app will be directly installed on your iPhone.

Download Pikashow APK from the Apple Store

  • First, go to the Apple Store on your iPhone.
  • To access the Apple Store you need to sign in with your Google account.
  • Now all you have to do is to select the search bar.
  • And then search Pikashow APK.
  • There will be numerous results, be sure to open the official one.
  • You will see the Download Now button.
  • Click on it to install the Pikashow app.
  • It may take some time depending on your device’s internet speed.
  • Once it’s completely installed you can get access to the best streaming app there is!



To wrap things up, Pikashow is the best content streaming app that you can access to watch movies, dramas, or other entertainment content on your iPhone. In addition to commendable streaming features such as; adding subtitles, tailoring the video screen, and screencasting, Pikashow offers a legal method of watching entertainment content on your iPhone. Post this, if you still feel unsafe by downloading the app onto your device through the Apple Store, you can install an Android Emulator and access Pikashow through it.


If you download the official version of Pikashow from Apple App Store, it is likely safe to use. However, when using any entertainment app, it’s crucial to ensure you download it from a reputable source to avoid potential security risks or legal issues.

Pikashow primarily provides on-demand content like movies and TV shows. While there might be live TV options available within the app, verify the app’s features and offerings before assuming it provides live TV streaming.

Offline viewing was a popular feature on the Android version of Pikashow, allowing users to download content and watch it later without an internet connection. If Pikashow is available for iPhone, this feature might also be present. However, confirm this feature in the app’s description or user reviews.

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