Pikashow For Windows Free Download v84 (May Updated)

Despite the dominance of Android Streaming Apps, only a few apps harness the power to work with Windows-operated gadgets, which certainly disappoints streamers. However, PikaShow redefines this demand by introducing a PC Version.

The synergy between Pikashow and Windows elevates your streaming to new heights, so you can savor every detail on the larger screen, bringing cinematic magic into your personal space. And this is one of the countless benefits of this duo.

Pikashow For Windows

APK NamePikashow For Windows
Updated Updated2 Hours Ago
Compatible with Compatible with PCs/Windows/MAC/Emulator
Version Version v84
Size Size20 MB
MOD Features MOD FeaturesFREE
Category CategoryEntertainment
Developer DeveloperPikaShow Team
Price PriceFREE

Beyond enhanced Streaming Opportunities, PikaShow’s Windows Version ensures optimized playback, a buffer-free experience, and easy access to navigation attributes. Meanwhile, Multi-Tasking and Customization Options are other pluses of it.

So, what’re you waiting for? Click the Download Button to claim your Latest PikaShow for Windows APK. Of course, our provided links are 100% secure and support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9, Windows 11, and MACOS.

Unlock Incalculable Entertainment Options with PikaShow

PikaShow’s Windows Optimized Edition unlocks a universe of movies, TV shows, live sports, and more for conventional streamers. From Hollywood blockbusters to indie gems, from trending TV series to timeless classics, the app packs an unparalleled fusion of entertainment.

  • Horror: People who love horror movies, films, or dramas will not be disappointed as Pikashow MOD has huge galleries of horror content.
  • Romance: Pikashow provides you with numerous romantic movies, films, and dramas, which you can enjoy with just one click.
  • Action: The app has tons of blockbusters movies and action-based content that you will love.
  • Comedy: Pikashow provides an array of comedy content, which will bring you to tears of laughter. From comedy films and movies to comedy shows, Pikashow APK has a lot to show.
  • History: If you are fond of watching documentaries on historical architecture and places, you will be amazed by the galleries of content such as history-based movies, dramas, TV shows, and documentaries.
  • News: You can view news from all over the world with just one click.
  • Sports Events: Having live coverage of sports events happening all around the world is difficult, but on Pikashow you can get access to live coverage of sports events happening all around the world.

Exploring Additional PikaShow Features for Windows Users

Installing PikaShow on Windows allows users to experience the app at its full potential, opening doors to convenient features, such as Accessibility to Larger Screens, Optimized Performance, Seamless Navigation, and Multi-tasking.

Larger Screen

Watching Pikashow APK on Windows means viewing on a bigger screen with enhanced cinematic effects and theater feelings. Meanwhile, you can access all navigation and streaming attributes without hassling or seeking external aid.


Another advantage of having Pikashow APK on your Windows is Multi-tasking. You can switch through tabs or windows while the video continues, and you won’t stop streaming. Of course, this trait is unavailable for Android and iOS users.

Enhance Audio Standard

Audio Standards directly impact your streaming experiences. While streaming content on your Android phone or your iOS, you can only rely on the built-in audio speakers on your mobile phone. But having Pikashow APK on Windows, you can attach external speakers for a better audio standard.


Nothing hurts more than watching your favorite content outside your mother language. However, PikaShow solves this riddle by adding Subtitles Option. Now, you can add subtitles from more than 70 Languages without hassle.

Keep Updated

Pikashow APK keeps its content up to date to meet the demands of streamers and hook up with changing media trends. You can find the latest movies, shows, drama episodes, and other content two to three days after their official releases.

Seamless Navigation

Believe it or not, everything in Pikashow APK organizes its content carefully, and all the genres, categories, and sections are ideally tailored. For instance, if you are watching a web series, you don’t need to search for the next episode because all the episodes are categorized together.  

Pikashow For Windows (1)

Free to Use

Yes, one of the main perks of Pikashow APK is that it is free of cost. You can stream unlimited content, including movies, shows, dramas, sports events, and news, without paying a single penny. Download the app onto your windows and watch as many movies as you want, free of cost.

Alter your Video

The latest version of Pikashow APK allows you to alter your screen according to the Windows settings. You can tailor the playback speed of the video according to your device’s acquirement, alongside enhancing picture quality and audio standards.

Unlimited Downloading

Pikashow APK allows you to download movies, dramas, TV Shows, and web series with just one click. Meanwhile, there are no extra charges to download a movie onto your Windows. Click the icon below each video, and it will automatically save onto your device storage.

Downloading Pikashow APK onto your PC Windows

Downloading and installing Pikashow APK on your Windows is a simple task. Surprisingly, you could use different methods to install this app on Windows, and below are the lists of guides to download it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Downloading Pikashow APK on Using Android Emulators

To download Pikashow APK onto your PC Windows you first need to install an Android emulator, The following are three ways to download Pikashow APK onto your PC Windows through three different Android emulators.


  • Go to the official site for Bluestack
  • You will see the download button, tap on it.
  • Wait for a little while for it to be installed.
  • Once installed, open the Bluestack.
  • And get access to the already downloaded Google Play Store from there.
  • In the Google Play Store search Pikashow APK through the search bar.
  • From the results, download the official Pikashow app.
  • Wait for a while.
  • And now you have the No. 1 streaming app downloaded on your PC.

Pikashow For Windows (2)

NOX Android Emulator

  • Go to the official website of NOX.
  • Download NOX from the Download Now button.
  • After downloading, open the NOX.
  • You will find the Google Play store there.
  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Pikashow APK through the search bar.
  • You will get quite a lot of results, be sure to select the official app.
  • After that click on the Download Now button.
  • And wait for it to be installed as it will take some time based on the internet speed of your PC windows.
  • Once it’s done installing, all you have to do is start watching your favorite movies, films, dramas, and TV shows.


  • In the same way, go to MemuPlay’s official website.
  • Install the latest version of it.
  • Next, you need to open it.
  • Visit the Google Play Store that would be already installed.
  • Through the search bar search for Pikashow APK.
  • Download the official app from the results.
  • And now all you have to do is open Pikashow APK and start using it.

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Downloading Pikashow APK on your Windows

Downloading Pikashow APK is a challenging and a little bit difficult process as Windows 11 is highly advanced. The process requires several tricky steps, but if you follow this guide completely and carefully you download the Pikashow APK on yo your Windows 11 very swiftly.

Install Pikashow on Windows 11

  1. Open start on Windows 11.
  2. And then search for the Amazon App Store.
  3. Click the Sign in Button to access the search function of the Amazon App Store.
  4. Use your Amazon account which should be based in the United States to sign in to the account.
  5. Next, search for the Pikashow Live TV App.
  6. Select the official app from the results shown.
  7. Click the download now button.
  8. And then follow the installation instructions.
  9. Finally, Open the app start using Pikashow, and watch as much content as you want for free.

Installing Pikashow APK on your Windows 7, 8, and 10

  1. First, go to the official website of any Android emulator such as NOX or Bluestack.
  2. Download it from there on your window.
  3. Once downloaded go to its home screen and open the Google Play Store.
  4. Search Pikashow APK and download the official app.
  5. After downloading the Pikashow APK will be all set to binge-watch all your favorite series.

Pikashow For Windows Free Download



To conclude, Pikashow APK is the number one streaming app for Windows Devices. The app lets you have a wonderful experience while streaming content online, ensuring you get facilitated by the best streaming features. Meanwhile, the Windows setup of the app is straightforward, and you won’t need external aid or software to complete it. On the sidelines, you can save our website on your browser and push the notification icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a new post on the PikaShow App.


Pikashow for Windows stands out due to its optimized performance on the Windows platform. It takes advantage of the capabilities of Windows devices to deliver a smoother streaming experience, enhanced playback quality, and convenient multi-tasking options. Its diverse content library and user-friendly interface further contribute to its appeal.

Absolutely! Pikashow for Windows provides access to the same extensive content library as its mobile counterpart. You’ll find a wide range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and live events that cater to various interests and genres.

Pikashow for Windows is designed to harness the power of your Windows device, ensuring optimal streaming performance. It maximizes the visual and audio quality, takes advantage of larger screens for an immersive experience, and integrates smoothly with the Windows ecosystem for efficient multitasking.

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